This is an English mini-site about Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro.
It is not a translation of the full Italian site.



The Foundation was set up to offer a significant contribution to the defeat of cancer through the creation of an oncology center in Piedmont, which combines scientific research with clinical practice and makes the best human and technological resources available today available to cancer patients.

Today this center exists and operates: it is the Candiolo Cancer Institute.

To fulfill its mission, the Foundation undertakes to complete the construction of the same and equip it with the best technologies available on the market. It also directly manages oncology research activities and promotes related study projects which, in connection with the activities carried out in the national and international field, lead to an expansion of the knowledge of the scientific community and to the improvement of the quality of life of those affected.

The Foundation is responsible for finding directly the economic resources necessary to achieve its goals, through structured fundraising activities, and organizes all the initiatives and events necessary to achieve this goal.

The Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro works to:

  • promote and conduct, directly or carry out, experimental clinical research and cancer research, exclusively pursuing purposes of social solidarity;
  • develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools useful for eradicating the disease;
  • offer, directly or carry out, health care activities in the oncology field in the various forms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

It is possible to download the complete text of the Foundation Statute, in PDF format.


  • Research and Innovation in the field of scientific research.

Research and innovation applied to clinical activities represent the mission of the Foundation and an indispensable condition for increasing people’s quality of life.

  • Centrality of the person

The fundamental objective of the Foundation is the satisfaction of the person through cancer research and treatment. All patients have the right to quality of life, physical and mental integrity, dignity, respect for privacy, respect for their own moral, cultural, philosophical, ideological and religious values ​​and ideas, not to be discriminated against.

  • Effectiveness and efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency of management systems as an essential condition for optimizing resources and ensuring greater results for the final beneficiaries.

  • Commitment and moral integrity

Every person who works at the Candiolo Institute, in any role and at all organizational levels, must feel morally committed to responding to the needs of the person, with the highest level of professionalism and service.

  • Independence

Those who work at the Institute must not find themselves in a situation of conflict of interest such as to affect their professional behavior.

  • Transparency, fairness and fairness

The Foundation undertakes to manage employment relationships and collaborations in a transparent way: all staff have the right to fair and fair treatment.


In 1986 the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro was established, with the aim of creating an institute for the research and treatment of cancer and to develop scientific research projects in the oncology field.

The original idea for the realization of the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment of Candiolo was born in the early eighties on the initiative of some illustrious oncologists linked to AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research, including Professor Alberto P. M. Cappa, Professor Felice Gavosto, Professor Giuseppe Della Porta and Professor Paolo M. Comoglio.

The idea began with the awareness on the part of these researchers of a delay in the Piedmontese cancer system, both at the research level and from the point of view of treatment: at the time, in fact, Piedmont was the second Italian region with the highest rate of health migration, both to other Italian regions and abroad.

At the time, Piedmont lacked a structure of excellence capable of effectively integrating basic research with research and clinical practice, which could become a useful reference point for all regional cancer centers.

After a few years of maturation and development of the idea, we then come to the realization of the operational tool to make it happen: in 1986 the Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research was established, with the statutory purpose of creating the IRCC and the promotion and implementation of scientific research projects in the oncology field. The first concrete step for the construction of the IRCC took place in 1989, with the preparation of a first technical-design document. The same year a green area was also acquired a few kilometers from Turin, in the municipality of Candiolo.

The project developed involves the construction of the building in various phases and lots, in order to make the structures operational as quickly as possible and at the same time allow the integration of the parts of subsequent construction into a single complex. This is also to reduce the period of time necessary to raise the minimum capital needed to begin construction of the buildings in the various phases.

The Candiolo Cancer Institute

Thus, since then, the constant commitment of the Foundation has continued and the Candiolo Cancer Institute continues to grow.